Connect Your Wayfair E-commerce Businesses with LA WMS

LA Inventory Management Software successfully built organic integration with Wayfair. Sellers on Wayfair can simply connect to LA WMS by defining their own account information. This real-time and seamless integration provides our clients a better understanding about their online business. … Continue Reading


Optimize Your Houzz E-commerce Businesses with LA WMS

Houzz is an online platform about interior design, decorating, landscape design and home improvement. Now, LA Inventory Management Software is successfully integrated with Houzz marketplace. By defining account information, our clients can easily connect their inventory management to Houzz. As … Continue Reading


Boost Your E-commerce with LA WMS + Sears Integration

LA Inventory Management Software is successfully integrated with Sears. When an order is processed on Sears marketplace, LA WMS automatically updates inventory and shipment data in the system. With this inventory management integration, sellers can easily know the status of … Continue Reading


LA WMS Allows You Sell More on Walmart

LA WMS is fully integrated with Walmart which is the largest grocery retailer in the U.S. This integration makes it easy for Walmart sellers to manage inventory and operations for accelerated growth. Our clients can connect their inventory management to … Continue Reading


LA Inventory Management Software Integrates with Jet

We are glad to announce that LA WMS is seamlessly integrated with Jet, one of the most popular online marketplaces. When an order is placed on Jet, LA WMS automatically and synchronically updates inventory availability. This integration makes it easy … Continue Reading


LA Inventory Management Software Integrates with WooCommerce

Today, e-commerce is one of the most trending topics for an individual, for a startup business, and even a large company who is selling their products online. Selecting the right platform to build an online store is an essential lesson for these sellers. Furthermore, … Continue Reading

Manage Amazon Prime Orders

LA WMS supports Amazon Prime. Merchants that have Prime Badges can have the benefits that are exclusive to Amazon fulfilled listings. For the prime process, shipping labels are purchased from Amazon instead of buying from the carrier directly. LA WMS … Continue Reading

Synchronize with Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is an Amazon service where merchants not only sell on Amazon marketplace, but also have their orders fulfilled through Amazon. Merchants ship their inventory to FBA from their vendors or warehouses, and as orders are placed on Amazon, … Continue Reading

Inventory Management Software eBay Integration

LA Inventory Management Software Organic Integration with eBay Marketplace

E-commerce companies do most of their sales through online marketplaces. In order to boost their sales as a multi-channel retailer, it is vital for them to receive and fulfill orders real-time. Inventory management software that is connected to all sales … Continue Reading

Innovations in Supply Chain Facilitate Omnichannel

Mobile trade and social media trade channels are also used by customers as an alternative to traditional retail channels recently. Omnichannel model that enables management of all sales channels together, entered into companies’ strategic plans as new sales channels spread … Continue Reading