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Profitably Fulfilling Orders in Today’s Multichannel Environment

Profitably fulfilling customer orders Profitably fulfilling customer orders in today’s global, multichannel environment is more difficult and complicated than ever. Supply chains are longer and more complex. Customers have more shopping options, leading to more complex paths to purchase and … Continue Reading

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Why is Multi-channel Inventory Management a Challenge?

Why is multi-channel inventory management a challenge? We have started LA Software as a supply chain software company in 2004. Since 2004, we have been challenged by hundreds of companies and warehouses from various industries. Nowadays, the trend is multi-channel inventory … Continue Reading

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The role of Inventory Management Software in Fast Moving Retail Business

Faster than ever Today the world of retail is fast moving, ranges change with ever greater frequency and if products are not available at the point of sale on time, drastic sales loss occur especially in sectors with wide range … Continue Reading

3 Elements of Omni-channel Supply Chain

  In the omni-channel model, without geographic boundaries, the customer likes the product in any sales channel, orders through any sales channel and gets the product delivered anywhere within any time slot and return it through any sales channel. An Omni-channel supply … Continue Reading

Innovations in Supply Chain Facilitate Omnichannel

Mobile trade and social media trade channels are also used by customers as an alternative to traditional retail channels recently. Omnichannel model that enables management of all sales channels together, entered into companies’ strategic plans as new sales channels spread … Continue Reading