We focus on E-Commerce & Retail

Best fit for Small to Medium E-Commerce & Retail

Our Retail Warehouse Management System focuses just E-commerce and Retail


Synchronize your inventory across all sales channels realtime. You don’t sell the same inventory twice on different sales channels. Avoid overselling, stick to your customer commitment.

Cycle & Physical Counting

Count inventory by performing a stocktake on an item or a location. LA WMS makes a comparison of the inventory you scan and what the system shows. It generates discrepancy reports with differences and apply correction. Do not lock down your warehouse during physical counting. LA WMS logs inventory transactions during counting and considers in counting reports.


Share your inventory across all sales channels. You don’t have to reserve inventory for any sales channel. Don’t miss any sales opportunities.


Grow your business with no hesitation from 10 orders to 50,000 orders daily, expand your warehouse 10x or increase your number of employees.

Drop Ship

Tightly collaborate with large retailers and dropship to customers proactively. You can also coordinate with your suppliers to drop ship to your customers.

Ship more

Ship more by speeding up the fulfillment process. Also, LA WMS will make your supply chain more responsive to instant and seasonal sales increases.

Handle Backorder

Eliminate the non-value adding activities in your warehouse. You can automatically assign and pick back-orders during receiving. to reduce handling with LA WMS.

Manage Temporary Employees

On-board your temporary employees just in 15 minutes. Peak seasons, instant sales increases require temporary employees to get the job done. Don’t make additional hardware investments, let them work with their own smartphones.

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1000s of users from various industries. Each industry has its own requirements. See our templates and know how for different industries.


Electronics & Appliances

See how we support warranty by tracking serial numbers


Furniture & Household

See how kits are handled in furniture e-commerce


Fashion & Apparel

See how we handle high rate of returns in fashion e-commerce


Food & Grocery

See how we provide full traceability in food e-commerce


Consumer Goods

Scale up your warehouse for CPG e-commerce

See how LA WMS is the right fit for your business!
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Highly Scalable

Grow your business with no hesitation from 10 orders to 50,000 orders daily.

Paperless through Barcode Scanning

Eliminate paper; view and execute all your tasks through all devices; barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets.

Multi-Channel Integration

 Enjoy effortless and seamless integration with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and accounting systems. Orders, inventory and shipments are synchronized across your online network.

No Initial Investment on Cloud

Enjoy continuous value with the most powerful Cloud Warehouse Management Software. No initial investment with no risk.

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