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Paperless Warehousing for Small to Medium Businesses

Remove your paper pick lists and enjoy mobile paperless transactions

Scan Barcode with any Device

Eliminate paper from your warehousing operations. LA WMS provides paperless warehousing through mobile applications on handheld terminals and smartphones.

Pick, Pack and Ship Realtime

Execute picking, packing and shipment real time and fast through mobile applications. Pick, pack and ship are the essentials of a fulfillment operation.

Achieve Inventory Accuracy

Deliver the best customer commitment and sell more through inventory accuracy. LA WMS helps you avoid overselling and miss-selling on sales channels by pushing inventory online. Achieve 100% accuracy via barcode scanning and mobile transactions.

Monitor Inventory Online

Push your available inventory to sales channels online automatically and let your inventory be connected. The ultimate purpose of a WMS is to keep track of physical inventory realtime. With LA WMS, available inventory is always realtime with 90% mobile and paperless transactions.

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Tailored to Retail & E-commerce

Focus on the needs and challenges in the retail and e-commerce environment. We offer advanced functionality and expertise for inventory management and order fulfillment in retail and e-commerce.

Highly Scalable

Grow your business with no hesitation from 10 orders to 50,000 orders daily.

Multi-Channel Integration

 Enjoy effortless and seamless integration with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and accounting systems. Orders, inventory and shipments are synchronized across your online network.

No Initial Investment on Cloud

Enjoy continuous value with the most powerful Cloud Warehouse Management Software. No initial investment with no risk.

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