Today, e-commerce is one of the most trending topics for an individual, for a startup business, and even a large company who is selling their products online. Selecting the right platform to build an online store is an essential lesson for these sellers. Furthermore, having the right inventory management system integrated with the online store can make an  e-commerce operation more efficient.

Here, we are glad to announce that LA WMS is seamlessly integrated with one of the most popular and customizable e-commerce platforms-WooCommerce. Our clients can easily connect their inventory management system with WooCommerce by defining their own account information. We believe our clients will have a more successful online business with this seamless integration.

  • Get listings from WooCommerce to LAWMS
  • Get orders from WooCommerce to LAWMS
  • Push shipment data and automatically update tracking number in WooCommerce
  • Push inventory data to WooCommerce


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