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E-commerce and retail companies strive hard to deliver the best shopping experience to consumers. It’s a challenge to achieve that while preserving profitability. We founded LA Software to bring the unique engineering approach along with optimization techniques and cutting-edge technology to support industry growth and contribute to consumer satisfaction. Today, we provide groundbreaking cloud services for warehouse management, inventory management and order fulfillment. We offer web-based warehouse management software designed to help retailers, e-commerce players and 3PL fulfillment centers process, fulfill, and ship their orders from all the popular marketplaces and shopping carts using all the well-known carriers.

Thanks to our dedicated employees, partners and the customers that we serve all around the world, LA Software has proven 30% steady annual growth for the last 5 consecutive years. LA Software empowers retailers to increase their sales, deliver better customer service and maintain a profitable business. We follow our path with the responsibility of making the world a better place. Our efforts focus on spending less world resources to achieve the most. Every small step we take, makes our environment greener and makes human life easier.

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