Seamless order fulfillment

Cloud Technology

Achieve faster ROI with lower risk and enjoy continuous value with the best Cloud based Warehouse Management System.


Multi-channel Inventory

LA Cloud based WMS optimizes people, inventory, warehouse capacity and resources to deliver multi-channel(Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc.) order fulfillment operations.

Voice Logistics

Enjoy the flexibility of using Google Cloud Speech API with smart phones without any additional investment.


Performance Monitoring

Cloud based WMS allows balancing various KPIs such as productivity and accuracy through instant configuration switch.

Bottleneck Solver

LA Cloud based WMS offers “bottleneck solver” to identify bottlenecks real-time and give suggestions to unblock them.

Backorder Handling

Automatically assign and pick back-orders during receiving to reduce handling.

Next Generation
Warehouse Management System

  • Keep pace with evolving business needs by running your LA Warehouse Management System in the cloud.
    Achieve faster ROI with lower risk and enjoy continuous value with LA Software cloud services. LA Warehouse Management System provides a seamless, smart, agile warehouse management solution in the cloud. Built upon cutting-edge, fully secure cloud platform and supply chain knowhow, LA Warehouse Management System is the ultimate in data accessibility and interactivity.
  • Built on most recent web technology, LA Warehouse Management System is transforming the warehouse management environment.

    With its responsive design, feel free to use LA Warehouse Management System on any device from smartphones to tablets. Let temporary workers use their own smartphones, LA WMS allows crowdsourcing in your warehouse.Make your supply chain seamless through powerful collaboration. LA WMS offers advanced EDI capabilities with other systems, shopping carts, courier systems.

  • Future of supply chain delivered today. Manage your warehouse with a voice controlled warehouse management system.

    Don’t do only voice picking, open “picking menu” with a voice command. Do all your warehouse transactions by speaking to LA Warehouse Management System and listening back. And on your smartphone, not on a specific hardware. With LA Warehouse Management System, enjoy the flexibility of using voice and barcode, whenever you want.


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Why LA Software

LA Software Warehouse Management System

Unblock bottlenecks

Find out what is blocking your fulfillment operation. LA WMS offers “bottleneck solver” to identify bottlenecks realtime and give suggestions to unblock them.

Reduce Cycle Time

Monitor how fast your fulfillment operation is flowing. Cycle time is the KPI that measures the operation velocity. LA WMS keeps an eye on cycle time and tries to reduce it.

Accuracy is King

“The customer is king” has a reflection in fulfillment. The customer should be fed with right information, right products. Eliminate return costs caused by inaccurate shipments.

Full Visibility

Create value throughout the whole supply chain as a whole. Get full visibility of your supply chain, even on smartphones.

Keep It Simple

Make sure your employees are guided to optimum walking routes, the right inventory is shipped to the customers. LA WMS’ rules based algorithms enable these and it’s easy to configure.

Beyond 4-walls

Inventory is not only within the warehouse anymore. Manage inventory beyond 4-walls with LA WMS.

 Supply chain is our passion. Every new project comes with a new business challenge which we like to deal with.

- Erhan Musaoglu, Founder & CEO, LA Software

About LA Software

Founded in 2004, LA Software is a supply chain technology company serving global leaders as well as small businesses. We provide best-of-breed solutions that empower companies to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing profitability and reducing time to value.

LA Software Warehouse Management System
  • They understand our needs well and act immediately. Clearly understand our software needs and work on warehouse processes first before starting implementation.
    Hakan UcarCIO, KOTON
  • Easy-to-configure, in-depth functionality, capable of responding to various industries, top notch in retail and e-commerce very knowledgeable team of supply chain engineers.
    John A. CaltagironeDirector of Supply Chain Center , Loyola University
  • Web based, flexible, well design, multi client Order Fulfillment application. We use it for different clients in different customers in multiple warehouses. Readily available integration tools.
    Umur Ozkal / CEO

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