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Your Supply Chain... Our Passion

LA Software offers international logistics solutions to repond to the needs of distribution centers and warehouses in the supply chain. The solutions aim to manage the whole detailed process from warehouse receipt to shipment. LA WMS (Warehouse Management Solutions ) group manage the logistics processes and resources beyond stock tracking. LA Software 's Warehouse Management Software manage hundreds of warehouse operations in tens of countries in all sectors.​

LA Software  offers LA TMS ( Transport Management Software ) to manage domestic transport processes from order request to trip closing and cost and revenue calculation including FTL, LTL, and cargo operations. The software provides planning, consolidation and cost advantage in every transit center in multi-centric transport operations regardless it is insourced or outsourced.

LA Distribution and Delivery Software has a significant place in LA Software ’s solution portfolio. Route Planning Solution offers route planning and optimization for different processes within distribution and delivery operations. Route Planning includes route planning and route optimization, multi level route optimization, home delivery planning, continuous replenishment and sales and territory planning software.

LA Supply Chain Planning Solution group represents the strategic level in LA's solution portfolio. Route Planning solution group includes Planning and Optimization Solutions for different strategic level areas in supply chain. Route Planning uses LA Software 's new HBA algorithm. Route Planning Software includes Strategic Network Design Solution and Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Planning Solution.

Latest News

Dominos Pizza Plans Store Distribution with LA Solutions

Global leader of pizza delivery market, Dominos Pizza, which has the biggest share in Turkish market way beyond its competitors, selected LA solutions for delivery planning and route optimization. Dominos Pizza delivers raw materials and ingredients to its nearly 500 restaurants from its 4 production facilities.

Dekorazon.com selects LA Solutions for warehouse and e-logistics management

Dekorazon.com that proved rapid market penetration and growth with wide portfolio of products and unique products design, decided to automate logistics operations in order to provide the same customer service quality as its products and architectural services. Dekorazon.com started warehouse management and e-logistics management software implementation project with LA Software that proved success with recent e-commerce and supply chain management projects.

Leading E-commerce Player Trendyol.com Switches to LA Solutions

Launched in March 2010 with the motto “A New Way To Shop”, Trendyol.com is the leading fashion e-commerce site which offers a broad range of items from superior and famous brands to customers. With Modagram.com the sub-website launched lately, Trendyol.com provides over an amount of 40,000 products daily to its 8 million active members and makes deliveries. Trendyol.com is running its logistics and order fulfillment operations in its logistics center.

Success Stories